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How to Organize a Golf Bag | 6 Steps How To Do It

Heorhii Rysak

Stepping onto the green is my ultimate escape – the fresh air, the challenge, and the thrill of every swing. But to make the most of my time on the course, I’ve come to realize that an organized golf bag isn’t just a convenience; it’s a game-changer. Picture this: a bag where every club, ball, and essential is perfectly placed, ready to enhance your performance and elevate your experience. Join me as we delve into the art of organizing a golf bag – a skill that can make every round smoother, every shot more precise, and every moment on the course an absolute joy. Let’s check the secrets to a seamlessly organized bag that not only reflects your playing style but also keeps you in the zone, so you can focus on what truly matters: nailing that perfect shot. Welcome to a world where your golf bag becomes your trusted caddy, helping you conquer the course one swing at a time.

In this article, we’re going to delve into five essential tips that will revolutionize the way you organize your golf bag:

  1. Strategic Club Arrangement: Discover the power of arranging your clubs in a systematic order that ensures quick and easy access to the right club for every shot.
  2. Utilize Dividers Effectively: Learn how to make the most of your bag’s dividers to prevent club crowding and create a tidy, organized space for your clubs.
  3. Prioritize Essential Accessories: Explore the art of keeping your golf essentials within arm’s reach, including balls, tees, gloves, and ball markers, for a seamless and uninterrupted game.
  4. Wedge Separation Tactics: Master the art of organizing your wedges separately to handle those critical approach shots and delicate greenside plays with confidence and precision.
  5. Putter Placement Perfection: Discover the benefits of an external putter well, ensuring your putter stays protected, easily accessible, and doesn’t interfere with the arrangement of your other clubs.

Get ready to transform your golfing experience by implementing these expert tips for a well-organized golf bag that enhances your game and lets you focus on what truly matters – conquering the course. You can also see our review of Best Golf GPS Watches here

6 Steps How to Organize a Golf Bag


Do you understand that various compartments in a golf bag serve different purposes? Now, how do you effectively arrange these items (such as golf clubs, balls, tees, markers, gloves, valuables, etc.) in a way that ensures proper storage and quick accessibility to each item?

1) Start by removing all the contents of your golf bag.

Empty everything including towels, gloves, balls, and every small item completely. Inspect each pocket thoroughly to make sure there are no items stored or concealed.

What this accomplishes is that it creates more available space since even unnecessary items are taken out of the bag, resulting in a slightly lighter weight for easier carrying.

2) Golf balls and other equipment needed

The amount of golf balls you bring will rely on your estimation of how many you will lose. If you are not a skilled golfer, having twelve balls should be plenty, with six being fresh and six being used. However, if you are confident in your abilities, carrying only six balls should suffice.

You should place the golf balls in the front pocket with the top zipper of the golf bag.

This arrangement provides convenient availability of the balls whenever necessary. If you have an excess number of balls that cannot all fit in the upper zipper, store the remaining ones in the lower zipper, which is also located at the front of the bag.

3) Clean the contents

Make sure to clean your golf bag and all of your essential gear before loading them into the bag, especially if they haven’t been cleaned recently. Pay attention to the corners inside the bag where dust is commonly found, and wipe it off if you are concerned about cleanliness.

I have lost count of the number of times I had to remove food crumbs from the pockets on the side of my golf bag. It bothers me greatly as it can affect the cleanliness and integrity of my valuable equipment. To ensure a thorough cleaning, I frequently utilize a damp cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

4) Organize your Golf Clubs

The proper organization of the golf clubs is the key component of the process.

Begin with the golf club known as the putter, usually stored in its designated section in a fourteen-compartment golf bag. However, if this option is not accessible, you can effortlessly place the putter at the rear of your bag, specifically in the slot nearest to the straps.

When it comes to drivers and woods, they are positioned close to the straps at the top. If your bag has a designated space for putters, then the slot that is nearest to the straps on the left side is for drivers, while the slot on the right side is for woods.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed – simply remember that the typical guideline is to organize the clubs from left to right. This means that the longest clubs should be placed at the back (closer to the straps, as mentioned earlier) and the smaller or shorter ones towards the front. The mid-length clubs should be positioned between the driver and the wedges.

If your golf bag has fewer dividers (8-way, 6-way, or 4-way), group clubs that are the same. For example, put drivers and woods in the same slot, then place long irons in the center-left section along with mid irons, and keep short irons to the right. Finally, place your wedges and putter at the bottom.

If you have a 14-piece golf club set, it is better to choose 14-way storage. This way, you can ensure that you won’t encounter any difficulties in safeguarding and keeping track of your valuable golf clubs.

5) Involves arranging and sorting all of your golf accessories.

Front and side pockets are designed to hold important items like golf balls, tees, markers, gloves, and similar accessories. It is recommended to keep essential items that you anticipate needing in the easily accessible front pocket. On the other hand, less frequently used gear like extra gloves and sunglasses can be stored in the side pocket.

6) Arrange Your Golf Clubs by Length

There are various options for golf bags with different numbers of dividers, including 4, 5, 6, 8, or 14-way dividers. A common configuration is the 4-way divider, which typically has a large pocket at the top, two pockets in the middle, and another large pocket at the bottom. Another popular choice is the 5-way divider, which has two splits at the bottom.

Regardless of how they are arranged, you should sort your golf clubs by their length in the following manner:

  • The woods, which are your longer clubs, should be placed at the top. Arrange the driver, 5-wood, and 3-wood in this section.
  • The long irons should be placed in the middle compartment, preferably on the right-hand side, when using a 4- or 5-way divider with two compartments in the center.
  • When using a golf bag with two slots in the middle and a 4- or 5-way divider, the mid-irons should be placed on the left side of the middle slot.
  • The wedges should be placed at the bottom of your bag. If there is a divider at the bottom, you can store your pitching wedge and gap wedge in one section and your two wedges with the highest loft or lob wedges in another section. However, it is also acceptable to keep all your wedges together in one slot without any dividers.
  • The choice of where to place the putter is mostly up to individual preference. However, it is recommended to position it alongside the woods at the upper end.

For most players, this arrangement will be the most effective. Our suggestion is to place the putter at the top to avoid the risk of losing the head cover that could happen if it is placed below the wedges. Similarly, placing it at the bottom could cause it to collide with other clubs and potentially leave the cover vulnerable to falling off, with no obstruction to prevent it.

One useful tip that could be advantageous for you is to not attach your towel to the outside of your bag, but instead wrap it around your longer clubs after you have arranged everything. Normally, you would put your gloves in a side pocket, but you can attach them to the exterior of the bag for convenient reach. A golf glove holder case with a hook clip would be effective in achieving this.

Additionally, if you desire a comfortable fit for your backpack, make adjustments after fully setting it up. Once you have properly distributed the weight, you will have a clear understanding of where it will rest on your lower back when you carry it around the golf course.

FAQ How To Set up a Golf Bag

How to Organize A 4 Slot Golf Bag

In a 4-slot golf bag, prioritize essential clubs in the main slots. Place longer clubs in the back and shorter ones towards the front. Use the remaining slots for accessories like balls, tees, and gloves. Keep your putter in the external putter well for easy access. Ensure clubs don’t clatter by utilizing dividers effectively.

How to Organize A 6 Way Golf Bag

Organizing a 6-way golf bag involves arranging clubs by type – woods, irons, wedges. Distribute them evenly among the slots. Place the putter in the external well. Reserve one slot for essentials like balls, tees, and gloves. Keep dividers functional to prevent tangling. Optimize the bag layout for quick access during your round.

How to Organize A 8 Slot Golf Bag

An 8-slot golf bag allows space for specific club organization. Separate woods, irons, and wedges across the slots. Allocate an entire slot for the putter in its external well. Arrange clubs based on loft, with lower-lofted clubs in the bottom slots. Reserve some slots for balls, tees, gloves, and accessories. Maintain dividers to keep clubs organized and protected.

How to Organize A 14 Slot Golf Bag

With a 14-slot golf bag, you have ample room for meticulous organization. Categorize clubs by type and then arrange by loft within each category. Utilize slots for specialized clubs like hybrids and wedges. Allocate one for your putter in the external well. Dedicate some slots to accessories. Keep dividers snug to prevent damage and maintain an organized bag.