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Why Do Long-Distance Runners Wear Gloves? Benefits and Reasons

Heorhii Rysak

Long-distance runners wear gloves in various weather conditions, and this choice is about more than just staying warm. These gloves play a crucial role in enhancing comfort and performance. They help regulate body temperature, offer protection, and even aid in grip, factors vital for maintaining peak performance during runs. Gloves are more than a comfort accessory in long-distance running. They’re a tactical decision. In this article we explore the realm of long-distance running to investigate how gloves greatly influence performance and reveal their importance as a crucial element of a runner’s equipment.

What are the Benefits Of Using Running Gloves?


The potential benefits of using running gloves, especially for long-distance runners, are numerous and can significantly enhance both comfort and performance:

Temperature Regulation

Gloves play a key role in regulating hand temperature across different weather conditions. During colder periods, they offer essential warmth, while in warmer weather, breathable gloves prevent overheating. This adaptability ensures hands remain comfortable regardless of the external temperatures. Such versatility makes gloves a valuable accessory for runners in varying climates.

Moisture Control

Running gloves with moisture-wicking capabilities effectively keep hands dry by absorbing sweat, which is essential for preventing the discomfort of clammy or slippery hands. This feature is vital for maintaining a firm grip, crucial when holding items or during challenging runs. They contribute to a more comfortable running experience, especially over longer distances where sweat can accumulate. Consequently, these gloves enhance both the comfort and safety of runners.


Running hand gloves offer vital protection against the cold, wind, and sun, shielding hands from harsh outdoor conditions. They also provide a safeguard against scratches and abrasions, a common concern for runners on trails or in areas with dense vegetation. These gloves ensure that hands are well-protected while navigating different terrains. Their protective qualities make running hand gloves an essential gear for outdoor runners, enhancing safety and comfort.

Improved Grip

Running gloves boost a runner’s grip on essential items like water bottles and smartphones, ensuring a secure hold during the run. This enhanced grip is especially beneficial for runners who frequently carry personal gear. The added grip support offered by gloves thus becomes a practical advantage for maintaining control over belongings while on the move.

Enhanced Comfort

Runners who endure long periods of running may suffer from hand chafing or blisters. And wearing gloves can offer a cushioning layer to alleviate these issues. The gloves act as a protective barrier, reducing friction and the likelihood of skin irritation. This added cushioning not only enhances comfort but also prevents common hand injuries among long-distance runners.

Touchscreen Compatibility

Contemporary running gloves often feature touchscreen-compatible fingertips, enabling runners to easily use smartphones or GPS devices while wearing them. This design allows for uninterrupted interaction with digital devices, adding convenience to the running experience. Runners can thus manage their gadgets without the hassle of removing their gloves, maintaining comfort and efficiency.

Increased Visibility

Gloves that are reflective or brightly colored significantly improve a runner’s visibility, particularly in low-light environments. This heightened visibility is crucial for safety, making runners more noticeable to others around them. Such gloves are an essential safety feature for running in early morning or evening conditions.

Reduced Hand Swelling

For certain runners, the use of gloves during extended runs can aid in minimizing hand swelling, a phenomenon often observed during long-distance running. This reduction in swelling may be attributed to the gloves’ role in promoting better blood circulation in the hands. Wearing gloves, therefore, not only enhances comfort but may also have physiological benefits for runners.

Sun Protection

In sunny environments, running gloves play a key role in shielding the hands from UV radiation, a crucial feature given the consistent exposure of the hands to sunlight during runs. This UV protection is important to prevent sunburn on the hands, which are often vulnerable during outdoor activities. Thus, gloves not only offer comfort but also serve as an important protective measure against harmful sun rays.

What To Look For In Running Gloves?

When looking for best gloves for running, focus on these main features:

Material and Weather Appropriateness: Select gloves made from materials suited to your running climate. For cold conditions, choose insulating fabrics like fleece, while for milder climates, opt for lightweight, breathable materials that wick away moisture.

Comfort and Fit: Ensure the gloves fit well, offering flexibility without being too tight, which can restrict movement or circulation. They should provide enough dexterity for tasks like tying shoelaces or operating a smartphone.

Functional Features: Look for additional functionalities that enhance your running experience, such as touchscreen-compatible fingertips for using devices, reflective details for visibility in low light, and grips on the palms for holding items securely.

Glove Alternatives for Running Enthusiasts

For runners in long-distance events who may not prefer gloves, there are several alternatives that offer similar benefits:

Hand Warmers

Long-distance runners wear gloves, but an alternative for cold weather are portable hand warmers. These small, heat-emitting packets can be conveniently held in the hands or placed in pockets, offering warmth during a run.

Arm Sleeves with Hand Covers

Some runners opt for arm sleeves that extend over the hands. These provide warmth and protection while allowing more direct skin contact and breathability than gloves.

Lightweight Running Mittens

Mittens can be a good alternative for those who find gloves restrictive. They often provide better warmth by keeping fingers together but can be less convenient for handling items.

Sun-Protective Sleeves

For protection against sun exposure, sun-protective sleeves can cover the arms and hands without the need for full gloves. These are particularly useful in sunny and mild conditions.

Adhesive Body Warmers

These are adhesive patches that can be applied to the back of the hands. They provide heat and are a lightweight option, though they offer less overall hand protection compared to gloves.
Each of these alternatives serves a specific purpose and can be chosen based on the runner’s individual needs, preferences, and the environmental conditions they are running in.


For long-distance runners wear gloves is vital. They help in managing hand temperature, protecting from environmental elements, and ensuring better grip. Gloves also prevent problems like chafing and blisters, and their reflective features enhance safety. Additionally, they provide a mental boost of being fully prepared. These multiple benefits emphasize why gloves are a crucial part of a long-distance runner’s outfit.


Why are gloves important for long-distance runners?

Long-distance runners wear gloves to regulate the temperature of their hands, ensuring they stay warm in cold conditions and cool in warmer environments. They offer protection against environmental elements like wind and sun, improve grip for carrying items, and prevent skin problems such as blisters and chafing. Additionally, gloves enhance safety with reflective features.

How do gloves help runners in cold weather conditions?

In cold weather, gloves are essential for runners as they provide insulation, keeping hands warm and preventing numbness. This is crucial for maintaining dexterity and comfort during a run. Gloves also protect against harsh cold winds and keep the skin from drying out. They contribute to overall body temperature regulation, an important factor in why do runners wear gloves in colder climates.

Are there psychological benefits to wearing gloves for long-distance running?

Yes, there are psychological benefits to wearing gloves for long-distance running. Gloves contribute to a sense of full preparedness, enhancing a runner’s confidence and focus. This mental comfort, stemming from feeling well-equipped, can positively impact performance. The psychological aspect of wearing gloves, providing a complete and ready-for-action feeling, is an important part of a runner’s overall mindset during long runs.

Can wearing gloves improve a runner’s safety during early morning or evening runs?

Yes, wearing gloves can enhance a runner’s safety during early morning or evening runs. Many running gloves are designed with reflective elements that increase visibility in low-light conditions, making runners more noticeable to motorists and others. This heightened visibility is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring safety, especially in times of the day when natural light is limited.

How can runners choose the right size when buying running gloves?

When buying running gloves, runners should measure their hand size accurately, typically around the widest part of the hand excluding the thumb, and compare it to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. A good fit should be snug but not restrictive, allowing for full finger movement and circulation. Trying on different sizes, if possible, helps find gloves that offer comfort without being too loose or tight.