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Swim Workouts for Beginners – Start Today!

Heorhii Rysak

Swim Workouts for Beginners
Ever wondered how you can start swimming effectively as a beginner, balancing technique and endurance?
This article is your answer. It unfolds the secrets of successful swim workouts, tailored specifically for beginners. It’s about developing a skill set that can transform your health and fitness.
Find out how you can turn these initial strokes into a lifelong passion for swimming.

Simple Swim Workouts

Easy swim workouts for beginners are designed to help new swimmers get comfortable in the water, build basic swimming skills, and gradually increase endurance. These workouts are gentle and focus on the fundamental aspects of swimming. Here are some easy swim workouts tailored for beginners.

Basic Freestyle Workout

Swim Workouts for Beginners

This Workout is a structured exercise routine specifically designed for beginner swimmers or those looking to refine their freestyle technique. The primary focus of this workout is to build comfort and efficiency in the water. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of its components and objectives:

Warm-up (4 x 25 meters freestyle):
Purpose: The warm-up consists of four laps (each lap being 25 meters) of freestyle swimming at a very easy pace. This segment helps to gradually increase the heart rate, loosen the muscles, and prepare the body for more intense swimming. It’s also a good opportunity for swimmers to get acclimated to the water.
Technique Focus: Swimmers should concentrate on relaxed breathing and smooth, steady strokes. This is not about speed but about getting comfortable in the water.

Main Set:
6 x 50 meters freestyle, focusing on breathing every 3 strokes, 45 seconds rest between each.
4 x 25 meters using a kickboard, to focus on leg strength and kicking technique.

Cool Down: 2 x 25 meters any stroke, easy pace, relaxing and focusing on smooth movements.

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Stroke Introduction Workout

Swim Workouts for Beginners

This Workout offers a beginner-friendly exercise routine designed to introduce and familiarize swimmers with swimming’s basic strokes. It particularly benefits those who have primarily focused on one type of stroke and are looking to expand their skills. The key components of this workout include:

Warm-up (4 x 25 meters, any stroke):
Purpose: The warm-up consists of four laps, each 25 meters long, using any stroke the swimmer is comfortable with. The aim here is to get the body acclimated to the water, increase the heart rate gently, and prepare the muscles for different strokes.
Technique Focus: Swimmers should focus on relaxed and smooth movements, regardless of the stroke chosen. This is a time to ease into the workout without exerting too much effort.

Main Set:
4 x 25 meters freestyle, focus on extending your arms fully.
4 x 25 meters backstroke, focusing on keeping your body flat in the water.
4 x 25 meters breaststroke, concentrating on timing between the kick and the pull.

Cool Down: 4 x 25 meters, any stroke, performed slowly and smoothly.

Breathing Technique Workout

This specialized training routine aims to improve a swimmer’s breathing efficiency and technique. Both beginners and intermediate swimmers find this workout particularly beneficial as it enhances their respiratory control and comfort while swimming. Effective breathing directly impacts a swimmer’s endurance, speed, and overall performance, making it a crucial aspect of their training.Here’s a detailed look at this workout:

Warm-up (4 x 25 meters, any stroke):
Purpose: The warm-up consists of four laps of 25 meters each, using any stroke. The objective is to prepare the body for more focused work, increasing the heart rate and loosening the muscles in a gentle manner.
Technique Focus: The emphasis during the warm-up is on smooth, relaxed strokes and getting comfortable in the water.

Main Set:
8 x 25 meters freestyle, practicing bilateral breathing (breathing every 3rd stroke).
4 x 25 meters freestyle with a pull buoy, focusing on upper body movement and breathing rhythm.

Cool Down: 4 x 25 meters, gentle swimming focusing on relaxed breathing.

Endurance Building Workout

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The Endurance Building Workout offers a structured exercise regimen that enhances a swimmer’s stamina and capacity to maintain a steady pace over longer distances. Swimmers aiming to improve their overall fitness, participate in longer swim events, or increase their ability to swim for extended periods without fatigue find this type of workout crucial. Here’s an in-depth look at the components and objectives of an Endurance Building Workout:

Warm-up (100 meters, mixed strokes):
Purpose: The warm-up consists of swimming 100 meters using a mix of different strokes. This phase is essential for gradually increasing the heart rate and preparing the muscles for the more strenuous activity ahead.
Technique Focus: During the warm-up, swimmers should concentrate on smooth and controlled strokes, ensuring that they are relaxed and focused on proper technique rather than speed.

Main Set:
2 x 50 meters freestyle, steady pace, with 1-minute rest in between.
2 x 50 meters using a kickboard, focusing on consistent kicking.
2 x 50 meters freestyle or backstroke, trying to maintain a steady pace.

Cool Down: 50 meters, any stroke, very easy and relaxed.

Mixed Stroke Workout

This comprehensive exercise routine incorporates a variety of different swimming strokes within a single session. Firstly, the workout is designed to develop a swimmer’s versatility. Secondly, it aims to improve overall swimming skills. Additionally, it enhances physical conditioning by engaging different muscle groups. This is particularly beneficial for swimmers who wish to improve their proficiency in multiple strokes and for those seeking a balanced, full-body workout. Here’s a detailed explanation of the Mixed Stroke Workout:
Warm-up (4 x 25 meters, any stroke):
Purpose: The warm-up involves swimming four laps of 25 meters each, using any stroke of the swimmer’s choice. The aim is to gently increase heart rate and muscle temperature, preparing the body for the varied demands of different strokes.
Technique Focus: Swimmers should focus on relaxed, smooth strokes and getting comfortable in the water, paying attention to breath control and ease of movement.

Main Set:
4 x 25 meters freestyle, focusing on smooth strokes.
4 x 25 meters backstroke, keeping a relaxed and steady pace.
4 x 25 meters breaststroke, focusing on the timing of the stroke.

Cool Down: 4 x 25 meters, any stroke, focusing on relaxing in the water.


Embarking on Swim Workouts for Beginners can be a transformative experience. Initially, remember it’s about progress, not perfection. As you progress with these workouts, you’re steadily building a solid foundation in swimming. Consequently, stay persistent and safe, and above all, enjoy the water!