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10 Best Tennis Academies in Florida: Elite Training Spots

Heorhii Rysak

Welcome to the Sunshine State, a true haven for tennis enthusiasts!

Florida, known for its year-round balmy weather, is home to some of the most renowned tennis academies in the nation. This guide will introduce you to the top 10 tennis academies in Florida, where talent is nurtured, and champions are molded.

These academies, with their world-class facilities, expert coaching, and a track record of success, have produced some of the finest talent in the world of tennis. Whether you are a budding talent seeking to make your mark in the sport or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills, these best tennis academies in Florida offer a range of programs that cater to all levels and ages. Join us as we delve into the unique features, benefits, and success stories of these elite training centers. Let’s discover where your tennis journey could take you!

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Best Tennis Academies in Florida. Pros and Cons

🎾 Tennis Academy 👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Bill Clark Tennis Academy 🎯 Customized training, emphasis on sportsmanship 🏢 Limited facilities compared to larger academies
Rick Macci Academy And Tennis Center 🌟 Renowned coaching staff, holistic player development 💲 Higher costs due to prestige
ClubMed Tennis Academy 🌴 All-inclusive resort setting, excellent facilities 👥 Less individual attention due to larger student body
Proworld Tennis Academy 🏆 Focus on competitive play, international coaching staff 💪 Intense training may not suit all players
Extreme Tennis Academy 🔥 High-performance training, small student-to-coach ratio 🚫 Limited beginner programs
Evert Tennis Academy 🏆 Legacy of success, comprehensive training programs 📅 Limited availability due to high demand
Saviano Tennis Academy 🥇 Expert coaching, focus on mental toughness 🏢 Limited facilities
Academia Sanchez Casal 🎨 Innovative training methodology, multicultural environment 🔠 Language barriers for non-Spanish speakers
Saddlebrook Tennis Academy 🏠 Residential program, focus on fitness ⏰ Less flexible schedule
IMG Tennis Academy 🌍 World-class facilities, pro-level training 🔥 Competitive, high-pressure environment

Exploring the Bill Clark Tennis Academy: A Closer Look at Its Pros and Cons

As a two-time Florida Coach of the Year with a wealth of 35 years in coaching, Bill Clark leads an academy situated in Hollywood. Although the facility has a modest setup with 8 hard courts, it provides all essential elements for player development and improvement. While it doesn’t compete with giants like IMG, it serves as a viable option for those seeking quality training on a limited budget. The high-performance segment of the academy allows players to participate in 2 to 5 afternoon sessions per week, each spanning 2-3 hours. Although it might not tick all the boxes for an ‘ideal academy’, particularly criteria 4 to 8, it stands as a noteworthy contender for those intending to play tennis at a collegiate level.

Diving into the Rick Macci Academy and Tennis Center: An Overview of Pros and Cons

Rick Macci’s academy, notable for producing 8 Grand Slam champions, confidently presents itself through promotional materials. The academy’s main selling points include high-quality coaching and a low student-to-coach ratio.
Additionally, for those looking to refine their game with the best tennis rackets for control, the Rick Macci Academy, with its emphasis on individualized attention, could be an excellent choice.
Nestled in Boca Raton, the Rick Macci Tennis Center is equipped with 19 hard courts, including three indoor courts, and is accessible to the public. It’s enthusiastically described as ‘Disneyland and Candyland combined.’
However, this superior quality comes with a price. Training at the Macci Academy is an investment, possibly costing around $2,000 per week. Even individual lessons from Rick Macci himself can go as high as $600 per hour, and are often booked months ahead. The cost is justified by the academy’s proven track record of success. Although the academy does not appear to offer academic education, it fulfills criteria 1, 2, 3, 9, and 11. For many, the chance of being shaped into a tennis star by Rick Macci outweighs other considerations.

Spotlight on ClubMed Tennis Academy: Evaluating its Strengths and Weaknesses

Located in Port St. Lucie, the ClubMed Academy graces Club Med Sandpiper Bay with top-tier sports facilities, including 14 hard tennis courts and 6 clay ones. Led by Gabe Jaramillo, who has trained 27 top 10 players, and Scott Del Mastro, an expert in Sport Psychology, the academy thrives under their directorship.

ClubMed Academy offers a residential full-time program where academic work is structured into the daily routine. Players follow a strict timetable from 7 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday, with a curfew at 10:30 pm. The schedule typically involves 3-4 hours of tennis training, an hour of conditioning, and approximately 6 hours dedicated to academics. Saturdays consist of 4 hours of competitive play in the morning, with the remainder of the weekend free. The academy employs a ‘farm’ system, promoting healthy competition among students for group rankings. This rigorous program, while proving successful in producing quality players, comes at a substantial cost – approximately $68,000 for a ‘year’ from August to June. Nevertheless, except for cost consideration, it meets most of the ‘ideal academy’ criteria, provided the ‘farm’ system aligns with your preferences.

An In-depth Review of Proworld Tennis Academy: Advantages and Drawbacks

Nestled in Delray Beach, the Proworld Tennis Academy commands an impressive site with 15 hard courts and 3 clay courts. Under the expert guidance of Managing Director Lorenzo Cava and his international team of coaches, the academy prides itself in fostering a culturally diverse environment conducive to player development. The academy’s ethos revolves around equipping athletes with the necessary skills and mindset to realize their full potential.

The comprehensive full-time training program at Proworld comprises 3.5 hours of daily tennis practice, an hour of fitness work six days a week, and a weekly mental skills training session. Priced at $3,200 per month or $38,400 annually, it offers an affordable alternative in the world of elite tennis training. However, it falls short in meeting criteria 5, 6, and 8, primarily due to the absence of a residential program and academic assistance. Despite these gaps, the affordability and quality training offered by Proworld make it an option worth exploring.

Unveiling Extreme Tennis Academy: Its Strengths and Weaknesses

“Extreme Tennis Academy:
The Extreme Tennis Academy, while catering to advanced players, also provides resources for those just starting out, including a selection of the best tennis racquets for beginners, ensuring a comprehensive developmental experience.
Pushing Boundaries with Experienced Coaches” outlines the experience and approach of seasoned coaches Freddy Azucey and Carlos Maehama, recognized for their successful track records in junior player development. Nestled in the private Michael-Ann Russell Soffer Family Tennis Center in Aventura, the academy provides 12 illuminated courts, a mix of 9 hard and 3 clay.

Catering to advanced players with dreams of the professional circuit, the Extreme full-time program promotes ‘innovation, ingenuity, and an unparalleled reputation for excellence’. With available accommodations, a year at Extreme as a boarding student comes with a price tag of $42,000. Additionally, a more affordable after-school program is on offer for those targeting collegiate level play. Despite possibly missing the mark on criteria 5 and 8, Extreme Tennis Academy remains a compelling option for aspiring players with a hunger for success.

Evert Tennis Academy: A Legacy of Excellence in Tennis Training

Established in Boca Raton in 1996 by the renowned tennis icon Chris Evert and her family, the Evert Tennis Academy prides itself on a legacy of crafting collegiate and professional tennis players. This is achieved through promoting their four core values: excellence, resilience, integrity, and leadership. The academy is situated in a sprawling campus equipped with 12 hard courts, 11 clay courts, and an additional 25 courts available nearby when necessary. It also boasts a fitness and conditioning room and provides accommodation facilities.

The full-time academy program offers a tightly scheduled regimen for the students. A standard weekday extends from 7 am to 8:45 pm, packed with 4 hours of intensive tennis training, an hour for physical conditioning, 3.5 hours dedicated to academic work, and a concluding 90 minutes for private study. The Evert Academy holds a serious commitment towards education and provides various study options. The academic year runs from mid-August to late May, currently priced at $45,500.

While the Evert Academy satisfies most elements of the ‘ideal academy’ checklist, it falls short on point 8 due to a lack of detailed information about mental training programs. As for the affordability factor (point 10), it is subjective and depends on individual financial capacities.

Saviano High Performance Tennis Academy. Pros and Cons

Led by the experienced coach Nick Saviano, known for mentoring top players like Sloane Stephens and Eugenie Bouchard, Saviano Tennis Academy implements the renowned “Saviano Method” to unlock players’ creative potential. Nestled at the David Posnack Jewish Day School in Davie, the academy features 4 clay courts and 4 hard courts.

The full-time program at Saviano Academy places a strong emphasis on tennis training. A typical day consists of 4 hours of tennis practice, an hour of conditioning, and ongoing mental skills work. With a 9-month duration, the current cost of the program is $30,550. While criteria 5, 6, and 8 are not met, as the academy does not offer boarding or educational support, and the availability of only 8 courts may raise doubts regarding criterion 3, the academy’s allure lies in the impressive track record of its founder, Nick Saviano.

Academia Sanchez Casal. Advantages and Disadvantages

Academia Sanchez Casal, a division of the renowned Sanchez Casal Academy, was established in 1998 by former esteemed players Emilio Sanchez and Sergio Casal. Nestled in Naples, the academy encompasses a sprawling site equipped with 33 clay courts and 5 hard courts. The founders’ belief in the superiority of clay as a training surface for young players is reflected in this balanced court selection.

Sanchez Casal has gained global recognition for its collaboration with numerous top players, employing the ASC Developmental Pyramid model as the foundation of their training approach. This model prioritizes the development of technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills. Notably, great attention has been given to their educational program, demonstrating meticulous planning.

A typical week for a player under the age of 16 at Sanchez Casal involves 10-17 hours of tennis practice, 4 hours of conditioning, and an additional hour dedicated to group mental skills training. In addition, students are provided with 30 hours of schooling. While the exact fees are not disclosed on the academy’s website, it is reasonable to expect a cost of $60,000 or more for a 9-10 month “year.”

Saddlebrook Tennis Academy. Strengths and Weaknesses

The Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Tampa, originally established by Harry Hopman, is renowned for its impressive facility featuring 45 courts, including all 4 Grand Slam surfaces. Operating in conjunction with Saddlebrook Preparatory School, the academy offers a comprehensive “academy” experience for its boarding students. Under the guidance of Director of Coaching Rick Crockett, the coaching team ensures that players have a weekly theme, ample opportunities for competition, and a strong emphasis on goal-setting and accountability.

A typical day for a full-time player at Saddlebrook involves approximately 4.5 hours of school, 4 hours of tennis training, and tailored fitness sessions as required. The academy also provides mental skills training conducted by qualified professionals. The current fees for full-time boarding students amount to $63,560 per year.

While Saddlebrook meets most of the criteria expected of an ideal academy, it is important to note that it is a significant financial investment. Although it may not have the same level of high-profile coaches as some of its competitors, its association with a school and the extensive range of courts it offers are notable strengths.

IMG Tennis Academy. Advantages and Limitations

Established in 1978 by Nick Bollettieri, the IMG Tennis Academy has gained worldwide recognition and acclaim. Nestled on a vast 600-acre campus in Bradenton, the academy boasts an impressive array of 34 hard courts, 17 clay courts, and 4 indoor courts, with ongoing construction for additional facilities. One notable distinction between IMG and other described academies is its remarkable scale, with a large number of talented players engaging in daily competition, each striving to distinguish themselves.

At the Bradenton campus, multiple sports academies coexist, emphasizing not only education but also character development and social responsibility. Typically, mornings are dedicated to academic pursuits, while afternoons revolve around tennis training, physical conditioning, and mental preparation, although schedules may vary. The current cost for an academic year at IMG Academy ranges from approximately $83,000 to $86,000.

While the IMG Academy successfully fulfills most of the criteria expected of an ideal academy, it is important to acknowledge its high cost, which questions criterion 10 in terms of affordability. Criterion 9 could also be subject to scrutiny, as the academy traditionally places a strong emphasis on players striving to rise to the top. Nevertheless, IMG Academy provides a comprehensive environment equipped with everything necessary for player success.


In conclusion, Florida’s reputation as a hub for exceptional tennis academies is well-deserved, and the top 10 academies highlighted in this guide embody the pinnacle of tennis training. From state-of-the-art facilities to world-class coaching, these academies have consistently produced remarkable talent and shaped champions in the sport.

Whether you dream of becoming a professional player or simply want to elevate your skills to new heights, these academies cater to all levels and ages, offering diverse programs to suit individual needs. The success stories that have emerged from these training centers serve as inspiring testaments to their effectiveness and dedication.

By immersing yourself in the exceptional training and supportive environments offered by these academies, you can embark on an unforgettable tennis journey. Whether it’s honing your technique, developing mental resilience, or fostering a passion for the sport, these academies provide the platform to pursue your tennis aspirations.

Choose one of the best tennis academies in Florida, and let their expertise guide you towards realizing your full potential on the court. Prepare to be immersed in a world of unparalleled training, growth, and achievement.


Can international students enroll in these academies?

Absolutely! The best tennis academies in Florida welcome international students with open arms. These academies provide an inclusive environment that embraces diversity and offers opportunities for aspiring tennis players from around the world to join their programs. International students can benefit from the world-class coaching and training facilities available, making their tennis dreams a reality at these esteemed academies.

Do the academies offer programs for adults or are they primarily focused on junior players?

While the primary focus of these best tennis academies in Florida is on junior players, some of them do offer programs specifically designed for adults. These programs cater to adult tennis enthusiasts of various skill levels, providing them with professional coaching, training, and the opportunity to improve their game. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, these academies offer adult programs to help you refine your skills and elevate your tennis experience.

Do the academies provide boarding facilities for out-of-state or international students?

Yes, these best tennis academies in Florida provide boarding facilities for both out-of-state and international students. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive training experience, these academies offer on-campus accommodations, ensuring that students can fully immerse themselves in their tennis development while having a supportive and convenient living arrangement.

How do the academies support the academic education of their students?

The academies featured in the guide prioritize the academic education of their students. They either have partnerships with reputable schools or offer their own academic programs. Students receive structured academic support, with dedicated study time and access to qualified tutors. This ensures that their educational needs are met alongside their intensive tennis training.

What is the process for evaluating and tracking the progress of players at these academies?

The process of evaluating and tracking player progress at these academies is thorough and systematic. Coaches employ a range of methods, including regular assessments, match analysis, and one-on-one feedback sessions. This enables them to monitor the development of players, identify areas for improvement, and tailor training programs to meet individual needs. The goal is to ensure that each player reaches their full potential and continues to progress on their tennis journey.