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Under Armour Curry 10 shoes review

Heorhii Rysak

The sneaker world has been buzzing with anticipation ever since the release of the Under Armour Curry 10. These sneakers, a brainchild of the collaboration between NBA star Stephen Curry and Under Armour, promise unparalleled performance, style, and comfort. Let’s embark on a detailed journey Curry 10 Basketball Shoes Review



  • Extremely lightweight at just 12.88 ounces

  • Excellent breathability and ventilation

  • Great traction from outsole pattern

  • Responsive UA Flow cushioning

  • Natural flexibility and freedom of movement

  • Excellent court feel and ball control

  • Stylish design in classic Curry colors

  • Lacking in lateral support for wide feet

  • Less "bounce" than other basketball shoes

  • Snug fit, especially in midfoot

Curry 10 Performance Review


The Under Armor Curry 10 has an extremely breathable upper design that keeps feet cool and dry during play. The lightweight warp knit material allows great airflow to the foot, letting heat and sweat dissipate instead of getting trapped inside. The synthetic overlays are perforated too for extra ventilation. Reviewers consistently praise the breathability, saying the Curry 10s allow air to flow from all sides, surrounding the foot in a cool environment even during intense play. The moisture wicking liner also absorbs sweat to reduce dampness.

The breathable make prevents hot spots and irritation for players. Feet avoid that soggy, uncomfortable feeling sometimes caused by non-breathable shoes. For guards constantly moving during gameplay, breathability is key for comfort. The Curry 10s deliver on that front, keeping feet airy and dry even in heated games. The knit upper and perforations maximize airflow to keep feet cool and comfortable. Breathability was clearly a focus in the Curry 10 design. For players who prioritize ventilation during play, these shoes are a great option. The Under Armor Curry 10 has excellent breathability to keep feet cool and dry on the court.


The Under Armor Curry 10 is extremely lightweight, weighing just 12.88 ounces. The light and minimal design caters to quick guards who value speed. The upper uses thin, lightweight warp knit material to shed ounces. Breathability is maximized by reducing layers. The minimal cushioning trims weight in the midsole. Everything about the Curry 10 is engineered for agility, with no excess bulk. Reviewers say the shoe feels barely there on foot. The feathery feel makes players light on their feet for quicker cuts and direction changes. For guards who rely on their speed, the barely-there weight of the Curry 10s gives a natural, unrestricted feel on the court.


The Under Armor Curry 10 utilizes a full-length UA Flow midsole which provides responsive, low profile cushioning. Micro-compressed foam gives a springy sensation underfoot, absorbing impact while staying court-ready. The low stack height, around 10mm in the heel, keeps players stable and close to the floor. Reviewers say the snappy cushioning offers good energy return for comfort during play, while not sacrificing court feel or control. It lacks the plushness of other basketball shoes but offers a smooth, lightweight ride.


The Under Armor Curry 10 offers decent stability but lacks some containment and support features of heavier shoes. The mid-cut design provides ankle stability during cuts. The external heel counter adds structure. Outrigger sections on the sole help prevent rollover. However, the minimal upper lacks sturdy overlays and the fit caters to narrow feet. Some reviewers note the Curry 10s lack the lockdown needed for optimal lateral stability, especially for wide-footers. In exchange for its lightweight feel, stability takes a hit. But for quick guards it suits their playing style.


The Curry 10s provide natural flexibility tuned to the movements of guards. The flow pattern outsole and minimal cushioning allow the forefoot to bend and flex for changes in direction. The knit upper material moves seamlessly with the foot without restriction. Reviewers say the Curry 10 offers great front to back flexibility and court feel. The shoe flows smoothly into cuts or crossovers without resistance. There are no stiff plates or overlays impeding flexibility. For scoring guards, the Curry 10 delivers that flexible, natural movement crucial for handles, cuts and shifts.

Size and fit

The Curry 10 runs true to size length-wise but has a slimmer fit. The midfoot fits snugly and designed for narrower feet. The knit upper material has some stretch to accommodate wider feet. However, the overall containment is best suited to those with lower foot volume. Wide-footers may need to size up. The mid-cut height limits ankle mobility slightly. Half sizes may want to size up for more room. Lockdown is decent but not ideal for wide feet. Wearers suggest lacing tightly for a secure fit.


The Curry 10 provides comfort and breathability during play. The flow cushioning absorbs impact while feeling low to the ground. The lightweight feel prevents foot fatigue. The knit upper wraps the foot without irritation, keeping things ventilated. The padded tongue and collar add plushness around the ankle. For guards, the Curry 10s deliver that comfort and quickness suited for a fast game. Support and containment are not ideals for wide feet. But the airflow, smooth ride and freedom of movement maintain comfort across long games.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Curry 10

The Under Armour Curry 10, while designed to endure the rigors of intense basketball games, requires proper care to ensure its longevity and maintain its visual appeal. Cleaning and maintaining such a high-performance sneaker not only ensures its aesthetic remains fresh but also guarantees optimal performance on the court. Here are some comprehensive cleaning and maintenance tips for the Curry 10:

  • Regular Dusting: Before diving into a deep clean, always make it a habit to dust off the sneakers after every game. Use a soft-bristle brush or a dry cloth to wipe away any loose dirt or debris. This routine action prevents dirt accumulation, making the deep cleaning process more manageable.
  • Spot Cleaning: For those inevitable stains and scuffs, a spot cleaning method is most effective. Create a mild cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of laundry detergent with water. Dip a soft cloth or brush into the solution and gently scrub the stained area in circular motions. Avoid soaking the shoe, as excessive moisture can compromise the shoe’s structural integrity.
  • Interior Cleaning: The shoe’s inside can accumulate sweat, leading to odors. Remove the insoles and let them air out after intense sessions. For a more thorough clean, create a mixture of baking soda and water to form a paste. Apply it to the insole, let it sit for a few hours, and then rinse it off. This method helps neutralize odors and keeps the insole fresh.
  • Air Dry: Never use a machine dryer or place the shoes near direct heat, as this can warp their shape and weaken the materials. Always let the Curry 10 air dry naturally. Placing them in a well-ventilated area or under a fan can expedite the drying process.
  • Storage: When not in use, store the Curry 10 in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Consider using shoe trees or stuffing them with paper to maintain their shape. Avoid piling other items on top of them to prevent deformation.
  • Regular Rotation: To maintain the shoe’s structural integrity and cushioning properties, try to rotate the Curry 10 with other pairs if possible. This practice allows the shoe to ‘rest’ and regain its original form, especially after intense games.

Who should buy

The Curry 10 is ideal for quick, agile guards who rely on speed and cutting ability. The extremely lightweight build allows for fast directional changes and quick cuts on the court. Players who value ventilation will appreciate the very breathable knit upper that keeps feet cool and dry. Traction and court feel are also excellent, making the Curry 10 a great choice for guards who need grip and control when handling the ball. Narrow-footed players will benefit from the snug containment of the Curry 10’s interior. Fans of the Curry signature line will want the latest model for performance and style. Overall, lightweight backcourt players are the prime fit for the Curry 10s. The responsive cushioning and freedom of movement cater to quicker players who need to be light on their feet when running the floor. For these types of athletic guards, the Curry 10 delivers an optimized experience.


The Under Armour Curry 10 delivers impressive performance for quick, agile guards who want a lightweight and responsive feel on the court. Traction, ventilation, and court feel are all excellent, allowing players to cut, handle, and shoot with precision. The minimal cushioning provides a smooth, natural ride that keeps players stable and close to the floor. Though the snug fit caters more to narrow feet, the Curry 10 hits all the right notes for dynamic backcourt players.

Stephen Curry’s latest signature shoe carries on his values of speed, precision shooting, and quick cuts. For Curry fans or those who appreciate his flashy style of play, the Curry 10 is a chance to experience his quickness. While a price tag of $160 is definitely expensive, the performance justifies costs for competitive players.

In the hyper-competitive basketball shoe market, the Curry line holds its own with a focused design ethos. The Curry 10 delivers that ethos in a lightweight, breathable, and seamless package. For guards who want to feel light as a feather on their feet, these shoes deliver. Under Armour has focused in on the strengths of the Curry 10, crafting a shoe tailored specifically for smaller, quicker players. For explosive guards who want to own the court with tight handles and electric moves, the Curry 10 is an ideal sidekick.