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Daniel Gercart on Basketball & also not

Heorhii Rysak


Ryan Bernardoni is the world’s foremost expert in the National Basketball Association (NBA), an association of professional basketball teams, a sport involving a basket and a ball.

Before creating this very professional web log, Ryan wrote and edited CelticsHub, a web log that was at one time a part of ESPN’s TrueHoop Network. Ryan wrote for the blog after TrueHoop was dead, but it sounds slightly more impressive to say it anyway.

Prior to even that, Ryan designed and moderated the Boston Celtics Reddit community. That eye for design is evident in the layout of this page.

Ryan also created this article about Best Comfortable Basketball Shoes , a salary cap management tool for all 30 NBA teams. Basically he was doing online salary cap spreadsheets before they were cool.

Ryan lives in Connecticut, a state known for it’s location between Boston and New York City, with his family and personal belongings.