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Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves Review

Heorhii Rysak

So, you’ve heard about Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves, right? But are they really the crème de la crème of the boxing world, or just another pair of gloves on the shelf? Hold on tight as we unpack every detail in this review!



  • Excellent wrist support and alignment from dual closure system

  • Curved shape provides great fist closure and comfort

  • Use of high quality synthetic leather exterior

  • Attractive and modern visual design

  • Variety of muted color options

  • Moisture-wicking liner keeps hands dry

  • Meticulous craftsmanship and durability

  • Good protection for sparring and bag/mitt work

  • Snug fit may not work for those with very large hands

  • Price is higher than entry-level gloves

  • Less padding than some ultra-protective gloves

  • Synthetic leather lacks "broken-in" feel of genuine leather

Hayabusa T3 Review


The T3 Hayabusa gloves deliver exceptional comfort through their ergonomic pre-curved anatomical design that hugs the natural shape of your closed fist. This removes any interior space that allows your hand to slide around inside. The snug fit provides a secure and supportive feel.

The inner lining utilizes soft, breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking properties to keep your hands dry and comfortable. Even during intense training sessions where you sweat heavily, the T3s actively wick moisture away from your skin’s surface. This prevents that clammy soaked feeling you may get with lower quality glove linings.

Ventilation receives a further boost from the open cell foam mesh incorporated into the glove palm. This enables good airflow to keep your hands from overheating. The dual wrist straps allow you to really fine tune the fit for ideal security and alignment. This eliminates pressure points or slipping.

While those with very large hands may find the finger compartments too tight, the T3s will fit most hand sizes with that “just right” sensation of supportive snugness. The padding absorbs shock effectively while avoiding a stiff, rigid feel. Overall, the ergonomic shaping, moisture wicking, and adjustable fit make the T3s exceptionally comfortable boxing gloves.


The Hayabusa T3 gloves offer stellar protection for your hands and wrists during intense training and sparring sessions. The attached thumb design safeguards your thumb joints from hyperextending on impact. The tapered wrist cuffs stabilize your wrists to prevent injury from torque or bending back.

The adjustable dual wrist straps let you dial in the ideal snug fit so the gloves stay perfectly positioned on your hands. This crucial security prevents your wrists from twisting into vulnerable positions upon punching.

The gloves also incorporate strategically placed foam padding layers over the knuckles and back-of-hand areas. This cushioning absorbs the shocking force when you connect with bags or mitts. While not as thickly padded as some specialty protective gloves, the T3s offer ample shock dissipation for most training needs.

During my testing, the ergonomic shaping and responsive foam of the T3s kept my hands and wrists feeling safely supported throughout punching motions. While boxers with a history of hand issues may require extra-padded gloves, the T3s provide more than enough protection for general boxing training. Just ensure you get the right snug fit and wrap your hands properly. If you do, the T3s will provide exceptional hand and wrist protection session after session.


Visually, the Hayabusa T3 gloves showcase thoughtful, refined design that makes them stand out. The curved anatomical profile catches your eye right away, contouring tightly to the natural shape of a closed fist rather than a traditional rounded silhouette. This hints at the engineered ergonomic performance within.

The outer material utilizes glossy synthetic leather with a smooth finish that appears high-tech and modern. Hayabusa exercises purposeful restraint in branding elements, keeping logos low-key. The overall minimalist look avoids visual clutter.

Color options stick to muted, sophisticated tones like black, white, gray, and variations thereof. Pops of color on certain accents provide tasteful flair. The styling walks the line between premium and understated.

From the meticulous stitching to the angled wrist shape, everything conveys speed and control. The T3s manage to look technical yet straightforward, modern but timeless. They signal high performance without loud aesthetics.

In a sea of flashy busy gloves, the T3s stand out for their refined simplicity. The sleek contours and synthetic leather give them an almost cyberpunk sensibility befitting Hayabusa’s engineering pedigree. It’s visual design done right.


The Hayabusa T3 gloves utilize premium engineered materials to achieve their ideal blend of performance, durability, and easy maintenance. The majority of the glove exterior incorporates synthetic leather called Vylar-2. This provides key advantages over natural leather.

The Vylar-2 synthetic leather requires less break-in time and molds quickly to your hand for a responsive feel. It retains resilience against cracks and abrasions even with heavy bag use. The synthetic material also repels moisture better than genuine leather, helping reduce weight gain as you sweat during workouts.

Additionally, synthetic leather makes the T3 gloves much simpler to clean. You can just wipe them down with disinfecting wipes or a damp cloth after training. With real leather, meticulous conditioning is required. In terms of sustainability, synthetic leather avoids the resource use and ethical issues of animal hide leather.

The main compromise is that synthetic leather may not last quite as many years as well-kept full grain leather gloves. But for most boxers, the advantages of easier break-in and maintenance outweigh that single drawback. By strategically engineering the exterior materials, Hayabusa optimized the T3 glove performance.


The Hayabusa T3 gloves showcase stellar craftsmanship that aligns with Hayabusa’s reputation for engineering excellence. All the materials feel robust and durable, built to handle heavy bag and mitt workouts over the long haul. The synthetic leather exterior withstands abrasion while retaining a pliable responsive feel.

The stitching throughout the gloves is immaculately done, with no errant threads or sloppy seams. The secured thumb, tapered wrists, and adjustable straps come together seamlessly for a structurally unified design.

Inside, the soft moisture-wicking liner feels well-constructed and durable despite repeated use and laundering. The firm yet forgiving foam retains its protective abilities and springy responsiveness even over time.

Overall, you can feel the attention to detail and quality control that went into every aspect of the T3 gloves. They are impressively well made for their mid-range price point. The construction rivals much more expensive high-end boxing gloves.

While the T3s may lack some premium options like full genuine leather construction or personalized customization, they deliver masterful craftsmanship where it counts. For boxers wanting a glove with robust structural integrity to endure intensive training, the expertly crafted T3s fit the bill. They are handmade with care and built to last.

Hayabusa T3 vs S4

When it comes to high quality MMA gloves, two of the top contenders are the Hayabusa T3 and S4 models. Both gloves feature an engineered leather construction for durability, with the T3 using a premium steerhide leather and the S4 utilizing a durable Vylar-2 engineered leather. The gloves have similar wrist support systems, with the T3 using a dual adjustable wrist strap and the S4 featuring a dual Velcro closure.

However, there are some key differences that set the gloves apart. The T3 utilizes Hayabusa’s proprietary Dual-X wrist lining that is designed to support wrist alignment and reduce impact during grappling and striking. The S4 does not have this technology. In terms of padding, the S4 features a lining called VylarMesh-2 over the knuckles and back of hand for advanced impact protection and cooling. The T3 uses a more standard foam padding in these areas.

When choosing between the Hayabusa T3 and S4 MMA gloves, the T3 stands out for its innovative Dual-X wrist support system, while the S4 offers enhanced knuckle and hand protection through its unique padding system. Both are quality gloves, but the right choice comes down to fighter preference and desired features.

Durability: How Long Do These Gloves Last?

The T3 gloves are very durable and can last for years with proper care and maintenance. The premium leather outer material is tough and resists cracking or tearing. Many users report getting several years of regular training and bag/mitt workouts out of their T3s before needing to be replaced. As long as you let them fully air dry after use and store them properly, they should easily last 2+ years even with frequent use.

Cleaning: How Much Cleaning Is Involved With These Gloves?

The synthetic leather finish of the T3 gloves makes cleaning them relatively hassle-free. Simply wipe them down with disinfectant wipes or a damp cloth after use. Leather conditioner can be applied occasionally if they start to feel dry. Allow them to fully air dry before storing to prevent microbial growth. Compared to all-leather gloves, the T3s require minimal maintenance to keep them fresh.


Hayabusa T3 gloves stand out as a top-tier choice blending comfort, protection, performance, and premium craftsmanship. Their ergonomic pre-curved shape, moisture-wicking interior, and adjustable fit provide exceptional comfort for extended training. Strategic design elements like the attached thumb and tapered wrist cuffs supply ample safety and support. The engineered synthetic leather exterior strikes an ideal balance of responsiveness, durability, and easy maintenance. And Hayabusa’s meticulous Japanese construction gives the T3s structural integrity to last through years of regular use. For boxers and strikers looking to invest in a quality performance glove, the Hayabusa T3s warrant strong consideration. Their blend of intelligent design, innovative materials, and precise craftsmanship make them some of the finest all-around gloves available today.