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Bob Arum Presents Devin Haney with Three Possible Fight Choices

Heorhii Rysak

Bob Arum, the promoter of Top Rank, has presented Devin Haney with three potential choices for his upcoming fight.

Haney, who currently holds a record of 30 wins, 15 of which were knockouts, has become a free agent following the expiration of his contract with Top Rank after his victory over Vasily Lomachenko.

However, Arum faces a challenge as these three options might not offer the same lucrative payout as a potential bout against Gervonta Davis. Nonetheless, it remains uncertain whether the fight with Davis will materialize.

According to Arum, these are the three options that he has put forward to Devin Haney for his next match, as stated by 3 Knockdown Rule.

  • Shakur Stevenson
  • Vasyl Lomachenko
  • Josh Taylor
  • Teofimo Lopez

Among these options, the talented Shakur Stevenson can be immediately dismissed as Haney wants to avoid facing him due to his exceptional skills, comparable to the dangerous third rail of a subway.

Lomachenko is also not a viable choice for Haney, as their recent fight in Las Vegas clearly demonstrated Lomachenko’s superiority, and he was unjustly robbed of victory. Therefore, Lomachenko can also be ruled out.

The only remaining option presented by Arum to Haney and his father, Bill, is Teofimo Lopez. This choice becomes a possibility primarily because Lopez has shown signs of decline in his past three fights. Haney sees Lopez as someone he has a better-than-average chance of defeating without relying on controversial scoring.

Haney has his sights set on a lucrative fight with Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, but the situation is complicated by the fact that Davis is currently incarcerated. Even once Davis is released, negotiating a bout with him won’t be easy for Haney, especially if Davis and his management at PBC are not interested in facing him.

Devin Haney

In the event that Davis does express interest in the fight, Haney will likely have to make significant concessions. This may include accepting a smaller portion of the purse, agreeing to a catchweight, and adhering to a rehydration clause. Despite Haney’s size advantage, evident by his resemblance to a full-fledged welterweight when in the ring with Lomachenko, it is highly likely that he will need to agree to a rehydration clause in order to secure the Tank Davis fight.

If Haney remains stubborn and refuses to yield to all of Davis’ demands, he may not secure the fight and will then have to weigh his options against Lomachenko or Teofimo Lopez, determining which opportunity presents a better chance for him.

Given the substantial financial gain that Haney can anticipate from a showdown with Tank Davis, it is probable that he will acquiesce to the demands set forth by Davis and his management at PBC. This lucrative opportunity far outweighs the potential earnings from facing any of Arum’s three options.

Haney has opted against fighting Regis Prograis and Subriel Matias at the 140-pound weight class. The primary reason for this decision is that both Prograis and Matias possess considerable punching power, making them formidable opponents. Haney deems the financial rewards not significant enough to justify the risk involved in taking on these hard-hitting fighters.

Regis Prograis Gears up for His First Title Defense

Regis Prograis, the current WBC junior welterweight champion, is diligently preparing for his upcoming title defense, marking the first time he will defend his second world title reign.

Devin Haney, the undisputed lightweight world champion, has expressed his interest in a potential fight with Prograis. Haney personally reached out to promoter Eddie Hearn to explore the possibility of arranging the bout.

Just last month, Haney secured a hard-fought twelve-round unanimous decision victory against Vasiliy Lomachenko. This win potentially signifies Haney’s final appearance in the 135-pound weight class, hinting at a potential move to a different weight division.

Prograis is scheduled to defend his title on June 17 against Danielito Zorrilla, who stepped in as a late replacement. This fight marks a significant return for Prograis in his hometown of New Orleans.

Regis Prograis

Having carefully analyzed Haney’s most recent bout, the champion with only one loss is fully prepared to take on Haney in their next encounter. He confidently cautions that Haney would endure a punishing defeat, one that is likely to conclude before reaching the final bell.

Prograis expressed his enthusiasm for a potential fight with Devin Haney, acknowledging the challenging position Haney finds himself in. According to Prograis, Haney has multiple options, including moving up to the 140-pound division, staying at 135 pounds, having a rematch with Loma, facing Tank, or taking on Shakur. Prograis believes that for Haney to make an impact, he needs to undertake a significant challenge.

Prograis shared his belief that he would be able to stop Haney in a fight, emphasizing that he does not mean any disrespect. He pointed out the shots that Loma landed on Haney and highlighted the weight difference between Loma, a 130-pounder, and himself as a natural 140-pounder throughout his career. With his knockout power, Prograis believes that if he were to land similar shots on Haney, he would be able to inflict significant damage.